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Your first petition with Parallel

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Created by Parallel Support on Parallel

Example of question you will find in this template.

This template includes

  • 12 question fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Possibility to enable eSignature
  • Personalized message

About this template

This template is designed to make your first steps with Parallel as easy as possible.

We recommend using it to send the first petition to your own email address so you can see your recipient's experience.

The list of information in the petition contains the fields that you will see later as a recipient. Some fields are hidden, so they will only be shown if the conditions are met.

Information list

A. This is how you see a petition...

1. What would you like to know now?

B. This is a Section

2. This is a Short replies field

3. This is a Long replies field

4. This is a Documents and files field

5. This is a Multiple choice field

6. This is a Select field

7. This is a Conditional select field

C. Sure, return to your Parallel account and we will show you how.

D. You can find all the information you need in our Support center

E. If you still having questions

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