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Solutions for your growth

Smart Forms Templates

Streamline your repetitive tasks with customizable form templates. Monitor progress and manage responses from multiple forms, all from a centralized and user-friendly dashboard.
Set up automatic email reminders to follow up with your clients.
Incorporate electronic signatures as needed at the end of your processes.
Leverage decision-tree or branching questions to ask only the necessary queries and skip the rest.
Imagen que representa cómo es la creación de formularios inteligentes en Parallel

Profiles - Legal CRM

Manage all your operations by centralising all your legal data:
Create flexible and fast query databases for your legal documents.
Set up alerts for for reviewing due dates, ensuring you never miss important deadlines.
Solve cases where you require a robust system to manage your KYC, or use cases where you need a higher level of control and automation for your active and expired contracts.
Imagen que representa cómo es el CRM legal en Parallel

Document Generation

Transform gathered data into a final contract or document and categorize it within Parallel Profiles.
You and your clients can conveniently sign your documents, with the flexibility to export them to multiple platforms through seamless integrations.
Imagen que representa cómo es la creación de contratos en Parallel

Performance Reports

Track key performance metrics of your processes and monitor their progression over time. With our comprehensive reporting, you can:
Identify opportunities to streamline your process timelines.
Detect your client's most sensitive phases and optimize their experience.
Assess your team's workload volume and distribute tasks efficiently.
Gain valuable business-related insights to facilitate strategic decision-making.
Imagen que representa cómo son los informes de rendimiento en Parallel
An image representing the form creation in ParallelAn image representing the Legal CRM in ParallelAn image representing the contract generation in ParallelImage representing how the reports work in Parallel

Parallel is for your team

Facilitate the seamless exchange of essential information for automated contract and document creation.
Manage the lifecycle of each contract comfortably with expiration and renewal alerts.
Discover valuable business metrics through comprehensive reports, gaining useful insights about the performance of your processes.
A person from a legal team working with Parallel.
Implement your KYC process, gathering the necessary data and documents from your clients.
Set up expiration alerts based on client risk level and ensure timely KYC refresh for all your clients.
Optimize your workflow by identifying critical phases and analyzing time spent on completing the KYC process.
A person from a compliance team working with Parallel.
Sales and Operations
Streamline your sales and operations processes with smart forms.
Set up expiration and review alerts while operating in a secure and private environment.
Identify bottlenecks and distribute workloads efficiently. Gain insights about your team's capacity.
A person from a sales and operations team working with Parallel.
Fintech and Financial Services
Establish a robust Know Your Customer (KYC) process, seamlessly receiving and verifying required information from your clients.
Stay compliant with anti-money laundering regulations through KYC refresh alerts.
Effortlessly create and manage commercial contracts for each client, while setting up expiration alerts.
Analyze client onboarding within specific timeframes, gaining valuable insights for your business.
A person working in a Fintech or financial services company working with Parallel.

Results of our customers

acceleration in onboarding.
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time saved through KYC simplification.
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increase in onboarding and subscription speed.
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Designed for enterprise

Implanta tu proceso de KYC o KYB y reúne los datos y documentos necesarios de tus clientes.
Crea alertas de vencimiento según el nivel de riesgo de tus clientes y asegura el "KYC refresh" de todos tus clientes.
Optimiza tu proceso, tras detectar las fases más sensibles y analizar el tiempo dedicado a completar el proceso de KYC/KYB.
An imagen representing how the recipient can upload documents and chat with the user
Ventas y Operaciones
Acelera tus operaciones y tus procesos de venta con formularios inteligentes
Crea alertas de vencimiento y revisión, operando en un entorno privado y seguro.
Detecta cuellos de botella y distribuye la carga de trabajo. Visualiza el volumen de trabajo de tu equipo.
An image representing the dashboard with all the parallels and automatic reminders
Fintech y Servicios Financieros
Construye tu proceso de Know Your Customer (KYC) y recibe y verifica la información requerida de tus clientes. Crea alertas de actualización para mantener el cumplimiento de la ley de prevención de blanqueo de capitales.
Crea y gestiona los contratos comerciales de cada cliente y programa alertas de vencimiento.
Analiza las altas de nuevos clientes en un periodo de tiempo y obtén insights clave para el negocio.
An image representing the contract generation
Implementation and ongoing assistance
We provide comprehensive support, from understanding your objectives and designing tailored solutions for you, to onboarding your team to ensure successful implementation.
System security and compliance
We protect your customers' data with best practices in Information Security. Additionally, you'll be able to edit the access level for each member of your team.
Effortlessly connect and integrate some tools into our platform, enabling secure automations and streamlined data flows.

Juggling multiple tools is very challenging

An illustration showing different tools you needed before Parallel
Don't pay for separate tools for writing, electronic signature, storage, analytics, email, etc.
An illustration showing how everything is centralized in Parallel
In Parallel, you have everything in one place.

What our customers say

Cuatrecasas saves 40% in onboarding KYC time
"Life before Parallel was a series of uncoordinated and not visible generic KYC checklists and scattered documents. Now everything is organized and super easy to manage. And clients have told me they love it too!"
Mireia Sánchez
Executive Assistant at Cuatrecasas
Brickbro saves 3 hours in every transaction
"Now the whole process is streamlined. When we sales reps get the customer's data, we are no longer dependent on the legal department."
Félix Muñoz
Account Manager at Brickbro
GrowPro expedited visa application management for international students
Parallel has allowed us to improve internal management without losing sight of the needs of our students, substantially improving the experience when collecting all the information required by immigration and thus facilitating their visa applications.
Belén Cibeyra
Operations Analyst at GrowPro
A single person in eXp manages the contracts of more than 400 agents
"Before Parallel, I spent 30% of my time managing contracts and paperwork. Now, I only dedicate 5% of my time to this type of task, leaving me more time to focus on providing clients with great service."
Pablo Getino
Real estate agent at eXp Spain

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