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Close your deals faster with no speed bumps

Your sales reps time is limited, focus on increasing sales and forget about tedious paperwork. Automate your contracts and get them signed in no-time.

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How sales and operations teams benefit from Parallel

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Create your own contract playbook

Once you get a new customer on board, don’t waste a minute getting tangled up with legal terms. Set up self-serve templates, launch new contracts in a matter of clicks and keep legal and sales teams on the same page.
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Make it easy for your customers

Getting a new client is hard enough. Don't let them get cold feet when it's time for the final step. Offer them a frictionless experience with a tailor-made customer portal where they can upload information, keep real time communication and sign the deal.
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Stay on top of all your deals

Keep track of your client's activities and contracts' status as your revenue grows. We'll take care of chasing them around with automatic reminders and notify you on any updates.

What our customers say

We reduced the time spent by reps and customers.
"We have automated all types of B2B contracts and reduced the time spent by both reps and customers in this phase of the sales funnel. In a couple of clicks, the reps select what applies to the contract. Then customers very easily accept and sign 100% digitally.
In addition, the automation with Hubspot allows all these actions to be tracked and organized."
Alejandra Urdiales
KYC Analyst at Sequra
Parallel has boosted our lead-to-customer conversion rate.
The legal team no longer has to review every contract that is launched. The reps are autonomous, with clear guidelines of what they can do, and this has allowed us to speed up processes and boost our lead-to-customer conversion rate."
Ingrid Xaubet
VP & General Counsel at Homebee
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Integrate your CRM

Sync your information with our platform for a seamless and organised workflow.
Automate paperwork tasks as deals move forward through the sales funnel.

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