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Make sure nothing stops you from growing

Improve and speed up your onboarding processes and make a good first impression.

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More clients in less time

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Start working with your customers as soon as possible

Onboarding processes are essential, but they don't have to be tedious. Reduce time and get happier customers and happier teams.
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Provide the best experience

Generate a customer portal where they will feel confident to share their most critical information. We make sure to protect it as if it were our own, with the highest security standards.
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Parallel takes care of your repeating tasks

We automate reminders and progress so you can concentrate on analyzing and controlling information and ensuring that your business is not at unnecessary risk.
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Let nothing escape your sight

Review your client's documents and communicate on a single platform. Make sure everyone is on the same page, without accumulating email threads nor calls.

How does it work?

Transform your onboarding process into a form that allows you to collect information in an intuitive way.
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Share the link to the form and allow your customer to access it as many times as they need.
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Visualize the status of your ongoing processes and set automatic reminders so you don't forget anything.
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Create the final document using the information you have received from your client with a single click. In addition, you can export it to different platforms through integrations.
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Visualize metrics and discover how to make your processes more efficient.
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What our customers say

"We need much confidential information from students to help them with their visa applications for each destination we handle.
We use Parallel for that, and it's beneficial because we request from there all the information that immigration requires us to finalize that application with them."
Belen Cibeyra
Operations Analyst at GrowPro

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and focus on what matters.

You will never be alone
We will help you and make sure your processes work optimally.
We will plan a work schedule
We will identify your needs and those of your clients, launch and monitor the pilot and adapt our product to provide you always the best service.
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