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Eliminate endless email threads and satisfy your customer with a user-friendly KYC process.

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It works very simple

We will also guide you on its usability
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Client portal
Create a client portal for them to complete the entire checklist of information required for KYC, and from which you can address their inquiries.
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Peaceful follow-up
Send the KYC process to your new customers and track their progress with automatic reminders. Say goodbye to email chases.
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Stay updated about the customer progress and review the provided documentation. You can approve or reject it if incorrect.
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Request your customer’s digital signature at the end of the process.
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KYC Refresh
Set up an alert to update KYC data and ensure compliance.

Results of our customers

faster onboarding.
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time saved through KYC simplification.
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increase in onboarding and subscription speed.
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Work collaboratively

Add people from your organization and customize their access. Collaborate centrally with sales, legal, and operations in managing your KYC and customer onboarding
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Key Features

Include questions based on risk level
Trigger additional questions based on the risk level detected in customer’s answers.
Designed for clarifying doubts
Answer your customer's questions within the KYC process. Take advantage of this helpful system.
Standardize your KYC Refresh process
Set up alerts based on the risk level to initiate a new KYC that updates only the necessary information.
Calculate the client risk level
Set up automatic calculations based on your client's responses and get a final risk result.
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Get performance reports

Analyze the time dedicated to completing the KYC process.
Identify the most critical steps for your customers and optimize their experience.
Visualize your team's workload.
Get business insights and metrics.

What our customers say

"What you save with Parallel is time, the time we often don't have."
"Before a KYC could take about three weeks until they provided you with all the documentation, now on average it's between 4 or 5 days. Sometimes even less."
Mireia Sánchez
Executive Assistant at Cuatrecasas
"We needed spreadsheets to keep track of who sent us what, or which document was incorrect and needed to be requested again. At any moment, a merchant could be forgotten if they didn't respond promptly enough. We needed better management."
"Parallel allowed us to have a repository with the provided documentation, along with a progress bar that confirms the status of each merchant [...] The process is now about 4 times faster. Additionally, the support and post-sale service from the Parallel team are being spectacular."
Irene Barrero
Strategic Project Enabler at SeQura

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