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One feature, different solutions

Smart forms will be useful for your:

How smart forms work

Colaborate as a team 👥
Create your template
Start creating a template for your KYC process, customer or supplier onboarding, or any type of contract you require.
Branching questions: Ask only what's necessary, adapting the form based on the answers or choices from your customer.
Customized processes: Manage different processes initiated from the same template and turned into unique forms for each client.
Internal fields: Add invisible fields to your customer. Use them to fill in information for your internal process.
Illustration representing how to create your template in parallel
Set up the process
Now that you have the template, you need to customize it according to the process you want to initiate with the client.
User access: Invite the team members who will be taking part in the process. You can opt to grant them either editing or viewing permissions.
Personalized messages: Customize them to convey the start of the information review and its completion, ensuring that all data has been verified.
E-signature: If you require a document at the end of the process, you have the possibility of request your client's digital signature. He/she will be able to sign it from a computer, mobile, or tablet.
An illustration representing different options to set up your process
Initiate the process:
Email delivery: Send the form to your client to start filling out the process.
Publish your template: Generate a link to paste on your website, client portal, newsletter or anywhere, allowing your clients to initiate new processes automatically.
An illustration representing the different ways to start a process
All the information your client fills will be saved in real-time.
Reminders: Automate your follow-up emails and invest your time in more valuable tasks.
Notifications: Receive notifications about your new client's activity in the form.
Review dashboard: Approve or reject your client's answers if the requested information is incorrect.
An illustration representing the automatic reminders in Parallel
Organize information in Profiles, the legal CRM to store sensitive data securely, compliantly, and for future reuse.
Associate information: Connect the information collected in your forms with the profiles, and vice versa, initiate new processes for your client by retrieving preexisting data.
Expiration alerts: Set up alerts to review the expiration of different documentation.
Compliance period: Comply with GDPR regulations by configuring a retention period for each sensitive data.
an illustration representing the import of information from the parallel to the profile

Why they're smart

Power-packed forms that make your team's job a breeze ⚡️
an image representing the custom messages in Parallel
Customizable messages
Configure them in the template to standardize client communications in every new process. Create default messages that personalize each client's experience.
an image representing the conditional logic in Parallel
Branching questions
Add branching questions in your forms to request only the essential information, bypassing the rest. The form will adapt dynamically according to your customer's responses.
an image representing the review dashboard in Parallel
Review dashboard
Go through the responses one by one to approve or reject each incorrect response. You can deactivate this feature if it doesn't fit your processes.
an image representing the automatic reminders in Parallel
Automatic reminders
Manual client tracking is an obstacle to your business. Automate your follow-up emails and invest your time in more valuable tasks.
an image representing the internal fields in Parallel
Internal fields
Add invisible fields to your customer. Just like any other field, their displaying could be influenced by your client's responses to the branching questions.
An illustration representing the comments in Parallel
Field comments
Solve any doubt your client may have in each field of the form, if they have any. This will help you gain a better context of what they're asking.

This is how our clients use the forms

Smart forms for smart teams
Cuatrecasas’ back-office saves 40% of the time, simplifying KYC onboarding
"Life before Parallel was a series of uncoordinated and not visible generic KYC checklists and scattered documents. Now everything is organized and super easy to manage. And clients have told me they love it too!"
Mireia Sánchez
Executive Assistant at Cuatrecasas
A single person in eXp manages the contracts of more than 400 agents
"Before Parallel, I spent 30% of my time managing contracts and paperwork. Now, I only dedicate 5% of my time to this type of task, leaving me more time to focus on providing clients with great service."
Pablo Getino
Real estate agent at eXp Spain
Life Extension Ventures revolutionizes the onboarding process with Talenta
"Previously, it took us 3 to 4 weeks to complete and sign all the paperwork. With Parallel, some investors finished the process in just 10 minutes. We've improved the efficiency of the team, as they can now easily monitor and review, without constant follow-ups."
Adrià Leira
Director of Alternative Investments


Create automations and data flows between smart forms and your DMS, CRM, or messaging tool like Slack, using our API.
Image representing how you can connect parallel with other tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier or Slack

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