Keep your contracts at your business' pace

Streamline legal processes from onboarding your clients to closing new contracts in an easy, collaborative and secure way.

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How legal teams benefit from Parallel

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Empower everyone to start contracts safely

Don’t make your colleagues wait for you, embed your knowledge and guidelines in automated contracts with preapproved terms.
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No more back and forth emails

Forget about endless back and forth emails with customers. Guide your customer through a frictionless experience that helps closing faster.
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Get business metrics

Obtain insights for your legal processes. Keep track of the department’s performance and step-up your efficiency.
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Free your team from routine tasks

Scale your team capabilities freeing them from repetitive chores without adding headcount. Let your team gain visibility and control over your workflows to simplify reviewing and managing multiple contracts at once while volumes grow each month.

What our customers say

With Parallel I get all under control
"Parallel has allowed me to get all contracts under control when business was at an all-time high and growing by 20% week over week.
The set-up is easy, and the platform is very user-friendly. I set the terms and guidelines, and any sales agent can now create a contract without me having to step in unless they need my counseling. And now, I can manage hundreds of agents and contracts. In short, Parallel has helped us all save time and made legal processes much more frictionless."
Elisabet Ochoa
Lawyer & Transaction Specialist at eXp Realty España
Thanks to Parallel, we said goodbye to copying and pasting
"Thanks to Parallel, we said goodbye to copying and pasting. With just a couple of clicks, we get the contract created and signed without errors in the blink of an eye. The onboarding of new clients no longer gets stuck in legal. Now we are connected with all the sales CRMs and compliance procedures so that everything is frictionless and automatic."
Alejandra Urdiales
KYC Analyst at Sequra
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Collaborate on your legal processes in a single platform

Keep track of your processes from end-to-end without hopping between Word, email and shared drives.
Exchange comments, give directions, automate reminders and keep a real-time audit of each legal process.

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