Automate Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage your contracts from the negotiation of the clauses and signature, to their expiration, from a single tool.

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It works very simple

We will also guide you on its usability
An illustration representing how works the template creation in Parallel
Create the template of your contract with the smart form feature to request contract information. Add branching questions to automatically adapt the clauses.
An illustration representing a chat with your client in Parallel
The client completes the contract information while you get notifications about its progress. They can also add comments to discuss different clauses without leaving the form.
An illustration representing how the contract generation works in Parallel
Check ✅ each data point and convert the form into a contract. It's ready for signing!
But before that, you have the option to download or export it through integrations.
An illustration representing how you can follow up a signature in Parallel
Initiate an electronic signature through one of our signature providers. Get your signed contracts in record time.
An illustration representing the alerts in a profile in Parallel
Classify the contract into Profiles (CRM) and set an alert for the contract expiration.
For example, schedule an alert for 2 months before the expiration and Parallel will notify you.

Results of our customers

3 hours
saved per contract closure
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acceleration in each contract
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annual savings
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Key Features

Collaboration between Sales and Legal
Collaboration is the core asset, you decide how to manage it:
Enable access for your teammates by setting different permissions.
Sales is able to request legal advice using the feedback feature.
And much more...
The power of autocomplete and autosave
Autocomplete: If you have previously worked with your client, use their data to automatically fill in the fields of the new contract.
Autosave: Nobody wants to lose progress in a form due to internet signal or other issues. The information will be securely saved with each field completed.
Communicate with your client or provider
The customer or provider can add comments on different clauses of the contract.
Both you and they can answer while being notified via email to keep the conversation flowing.
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Reports for legal managers and business executives

Track the time to the contract closure
Filter by contract types to understand their performance
Analyze business volume with data from our reports

What our customers say

"Before working with Parallel, it was a mess. The fact that all the contracts are signed, it's like there's my CRM. For me, this is the CRM of contracts. [...]
"Any contract, no matter how small or large, can be perfectly created and the agents are delighted with it."
Elisabeth Ochoa
Lawyer and Transaction Specialist at eXp España
“Automating contracts helped us evolve to adapt to sales growth. We grouped certain tasks that previously required the intervention of different teams (compliance, legal and risks) into a single process […] Now, our merchants have a happier experience from the beginning, and our team's work is more efficient and smoother.”
Irene Barrero
Strategic Project Enabler at SeQura
"Now the whole process is streamlined. When we sales reps get the customer's data, we are no longer dependent on the legal department."
Félix muñoz
Account Manager at Brickbro
"Before Parallel, I spent 30% of my time managing contracts and paperwork. Now, I only dedicate 5% of my time to this type of task, leaving me more time to focus on providing clients with great service."
Pablo Getino
Real estate agent at eXp Spain

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