Contract generation

Automate document creation fast, secure and error-free.

Create, send, negotiate, sign and store your documents in a single platform.

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Speed up and centralize your processes

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Request information without email chains

Create a form and collect your customer's information quickly and easily.
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Have all communication with your customer in one place

Use our customer portal to centralize questions, comments and/or negotiation of clauses. Give visibility of all stages of the process to your internal team.
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Maintain editing control

Define the same process and generate more contracts in less time and with fewer errors. Plus, work collaboratively by giving different editing permissions to your team.
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Don't lose sight of any process

Automate reminders and review the progress of each process easily.

How does it work?

Transform your process into an intuitive form for your customers.
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Share the form and generate the contract automatically once your customer has answered your questions.
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Receive and respond to your customer's comments. Reject responses when they are incorrect or incomplete.
Image representing the negotiation of a contract
Request and receive electronic signatures on your documents easily and securely.
Image of a contract created with Parallel, ready to sign
Save your documents in the cloud and find them instantly whenever you need them.
Image depicting how Parallel storage and export works
Visualize metrics and discover how to make your processes more efficient.
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What our customers say

"Before working with Parallel, it was a mess. The fact that all the contracts are signed, it's like there's my CRM. For me, this is the CRM of contracts. [...]
"Any contract, no matter how small or large, can be perfectly created and the agents are delighted with it."
Elisabeth Ochoa
Lawyer and Transaction Specialist at eXp España

"That's the way we've always done it" Is that reason enough?

You will never be alone
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