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Streamline your KYC with the best customer experience

Eliminate endless email chains and satisfy your customer with a user-friendly Know Your Customer (KYC) process.
Branching questions: Configure branching questions that trigger based on the risk level of answers.
Alerts: Schedule future alerts to initiate the KYC refresh of required information.
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contract lifecycle management

Automate end-to-end contract management

Handle your contracts from clause negotiation and signing to expiration, all from a single tool.
Branching questions: Add branching questions to automatically adjust clauses.
Alerts: Schedule alerts to review each expiration, for example, two months before the contract expires.

Benefits for your legal processes

Boost your team's efficiency
Create your own templates from which to kickstart multiple processes.
All your processes under control
Monitor the status of ongoing processes and your team's pending work.
Enhance your customer experience
Our smart forms ensure the best experience for your client, centralizing communication.
Take care of the internal customer experience
Collaborate smoothly with other teams and departments, being a facilitator.

Some features to aid you

More benefits for your legal processes
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Request electronic signature from your client at the end of the process.
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Automatic reminders
Keep track of each process with automatic reminders.
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Automatic assignments
Collaborate with other teams and departments.
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Revision panel
Approve or reject the information provided by the client.
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Stay compliant by utilizing security and data preservation features.

Some results from SeQura

SeQura has been using Parallel since June 2021
acceleration in each contract
onboarding acceleration
<20 days
less duration for each KYC
(on average)

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We protect your client information

Our priority is to create a secure and frictionless experience for you and your clients.
Your information is secure and encrypted.
Security protocol TLS
Two-factor authentication
Your information is secure and encrypted
Security protocol TLS
Two-factor authentication

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