Safeguard data accessibility and integrity

We prioritize protecting any the sensitive information you handle. Keep your processes securely under wraps.

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An image representing the custom permissions in Parallel

Customize each employee or collaborator's access permissions

Set up user-specific access rights to prevent accidental mishaps and enhance every user's individual experience.
An image representing sharing in Parallel

Sleep easy with the principle of least privilege

Ensure your peace of mind with the least privilege setting for new users. This default configuration is designed so that the administrator can manually adjust the user permissions as needed.
It's a foundational security practice to effectively onboard novice users.
An image representing the edit restriction in Parallel

Secure your templates by restricting their editing

Lock down your process templates to prevent editing. Invite collaborators with confidence, knowing they won't be able to alter or delete any processes.
An image representing the autosave in Parallel

Work without fear of losing your progress

You'll preserve your progress on the platform if your device shuts down or your internet connection drops unexpectedly.
The autosave function will also safeguard your clients' progress on Parallel's smart forms.

Client protection

An illustration depicting how data anonymization is established to maintain compliance.

Data retention Compliance

Companies are increasingly investing in data auditing to assess GDPR compliance status. We have solved this issue with Profiles.
Set specific data retention periods based on stored data types. Data will be anonymized after the assigned time.
An image representing the Two-Factor Authentication in Parallel

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on suspicious access attempts

Two-factor authentication (2FA) will be activated to ensure that the person trying to access an account is the legitimate user, preventing identity theft and unauthorized access.

Privacy in each compliance process

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Cuatrecasas’ back-office saves 40% of the time, simplifying KYC onboarding
"Life before Parallel was a series of uncoordinated and not visible generic KYC checklists and scattered documents. Now everything is organized and super easy to manage. And clients have told me they love it too!"
Mireia Sánchez
Executive Assistant at Cuatrecasas
A single person in eXp manages the contracts of more than 400 agents
"Before Parallel, I spent 30% of my time managing contracts and paperwork. Now, I only dedicate 5% of my time to this type of task, leaving me more time to focus on providing clients with great service."
Pablo Getino
Real estate agent at eXp Spain
Life Extension Ventures revolutionizes the onboarding process with Talenta
"Previously, it took us 3 to 4 weeks to complete and sign all the paperwork. With Parallel, some investors finished the process in just 10 minutes. We've improved the efficiency of the team, as they can now easily monitor and review, without constant follow-ups."
Adrià Leira
Director of Alternative Investments

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