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Briefing for marketing agency or consulting company (extended version)

Designed for Marketing

Created by Ángela Velasco on Parallel

Example of question you will find in this template.

This template includes

  • 30 question fields
  • Possibility to enable eSignature
  • Personalized message

About this template

If you work in the marketing sector 🛍 👨💻, with this template you can get the information you need from your clients in an easy and organized way to start working on their campaigns as soon as possible 🤝.

When starting a marketing campaign it is essential to understand your client's position and objectives. To do so, it is important to have a tool such as this briefing to communicate in a fluid and structured way with your clients.

In order to provide a marketing service tailored to your clients' needs, it is essential that you know, among other things, the company's culture, the products, or services to be promoted, its objectives, requirements, and restrictions.

Thanks to this template, you can start making the necessary analysis for future campaigns in advance and submit appropriate improvement proposals 🚀.

In addition, to speed up the process, we recommend you to create a public link to the template. You can send the briefing through any channel, even publish it on your company's website, and not depend on your clients' email.

If you need more information, you can modify the template to adapt it to your needs or those of the company or, if you prefer, you can consult this smaller briefing template.

Information list

    A. Marketing Briefing

    B. General information

    1. Brand/s that the company wants to promote

    2. Promotional products and services

    3. Geographic area in which the products or services are marketed.

    4. Target audience of the products and services to be promoted

    5. Brief description of the company's mission in the market and its values or ethical principles.

    6. Global company objectives

    7. Other aspects to highlight about the company

    C. Current marketing strategies for the products or services to be promoted

    8. Company's current marketing objectives

    9. Company's current marketing plan

    10. Competitive advantage of the company

    11. Does the company currently follow up on marketing actions?

    12. Follow-up measures of current marketing strategies

    D. Problems and opportunities

    13. List the problems the company has had with current marketing strategies.

    14. Restriction (e.g. legal) that the company has encountered so far.

    15. Measures the company has implemented to solve the problems with the current marketing strategies

    16. Positive results of current marketing campaigns

    E. Market and competition

    17. Main competitors of the company

    18. Marketing actions being carried out by competitors

    F. Available resources

    19. Budget invested in marketing so far

    20. Approximate budget that the company expects to invest in a new marketing campaign

    G. Goals for the future

    21. Objectives that the company intends to achieve with this new marketing project

    22. Specific requirements to be met by the new marketing plan

    23. Deadline in which the new project is expected to be developed

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