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Request of information for the Personal Income Tax 2020

Designed for Legal

Created by Derek Lou on Parallel

Example of question you will find in this template.

This template includes

  • 50 question fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Possibility to enable eSignature
  • Personalized message

About this template

Are you tired of chasing your clients every year to send you the information to prepare their tax returns? With this Parallel template you can automate the process of collecting information and documents for the Personal Income Tax campaign.

The template includes a list with the usual information that the tax advisors request the taxpayers for the preparation of the Spanish Personal Income Tax returns (form 100) such as:

  • the domicile on December 31,

  • the dividends and interests,

  • the certificates of the employer,

  • the certificates of donations,

  • and other income sources.

If you want to know more about where this information comes from, we share this article with you where we explain the information you should request to your clients for the Personal Income Tax returns (Spanish).

To further facilitate the information gathering process for your clients, you can create a public link and share it on your website or provide it to them through any other channel. This will allow your clients to send you all the information on their own initiative.

Parallel users that use the platform for their tax returns campaigns have obtained all the information they need in a matter of days. They have streamlined their process in more than 300%.

Information list

    A. Información to obtain your tax information available from the Spanish tax authorities

    1. Did you file the tax returns with us in 2020?

    2. Copy of the 2019 Personal Income Tax return

    3. Copy of your Spanish id document in force

    B. General information

    4. IBAN for the debit or credit of the Income Tax

    5. Personal information

    C. Information of your habitual abode

    6. Habitual abode on December 31, 2020

    7. Have you changed your habitual abode during 2021?

    8. Address of your new abode

    9. Cadastral reference of the new abode

    10. What is the situation of your habitual abode?

    11. Indicate the details of your housing

    12. Did you acquire your habitual abode before 2013?

    13. Amount paid in the purchase of habitual abode

    14. Is the insurance linked to the mortgage?

    15. Amount paid for the housing insurance

    D. Economic information

    16. Select all the options that apply

    E. Income from employment

    17. Withholding tax certificate from the employer

    F. Income from business activity

    18. Did we manage your tax returns as freelance (autónomo)?

    19. Registration date before the Tax Agency as a freelance (autónomo)

    20. Employees hiring

    21. Employees hiring

    22. VAT form 390 2020

    23. List of incomes and expenses

    G. Income from rented properties

    24. Rental agreement

    25. Documents and receipts supporting the incomes

    26. Documents and receipts supporting the expenses

    H. Dividends, interests and capital gains from listed companies

    27. Tax certificate from the bank or financial entity

    I. Donations

    28. Donations

    J. Loans for master or doctoral studies

    29. Interests of the loan for master and doctoral studies

    K. Participation in non-listed entities

    30. Deed of acquisition of the shares in the newly created entity

    31. Certificate issued by the entity stating the fulfillment with the requirements for the business angel tax deduction

    32. Documentation relating to the sale of the shares

    L. Help from public institutions

    33. Documentation relating to the help received from the Autonomous Region or the State

    34. Documentation relating to the extraordinary provision of self-employed persons or provision for employees under ERTE

    M. Other incomes

    35. Did you obtain any other source of incomes not included in the sections above?

    36. Details of other incomes

    37. Receipts of other incomes

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