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NDA or Confidentality Agreement

Designed for Legal

Created by Alex Romera on Parallel

Example of question you will find in this template.

This template includes

  • 28 question fields
  • Possibility to enable eSignature
  • Personalized message

About this template

If you or your company wants to collaborate with another party in a new project or negotiate its feasibility while ensuring that the information you share is confidential, this template is for you. If you use this template you can have a signed NDA in less than a minute to start new projects as soon as possible!

This is an unilateral confidentiality agreement, also known as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), in which a party shares certain privileged information with another party who acquires the obligation to keep this information secret.

Thus, this confidentiality agreement incorporates, among others, the following content:

  • the identification of the parties signing it; and

  • the description of the collaboration, negotiation or joint project within the framework of which confidential information is shared;

The confidentiality agreement must be signed by the parties before the disclosure of the confidential information takes place. In order to sign the contract, the electronic signature of the template needs to be enabled.

You can also leave a public link to this NDA template on your website for those interested in becoming your customers to complete and sign. This way you can start any business relationship knowing that the information and documentation shared between the parties will be confidential.

Information list

    A. Non Disclosure Agreement

    B. Prepared for:

    1. Client First Name:

    2. Client Last Name:

    3. Client Company Name:

    C. Created by:

    4. Sender First Name:

    5. Sender Last Name:

    6. Sender Company Name:

    7. Describe the project on which the parties want to collaborate

    8. When was the agreement made?

    D. Confidentiality.

    E. Confidentiality Protection.

    F. Unauthorized Disclosure.

    G. Non Circumvention.

    H. Return of Information.

    I. Relationship.

    J. License to Use.

    K. Entirety.

    L. Term.

    M. Assignment.

    N. Jurisdiction.

    9. What state is the Sender located in?

    O. Notification.

    10. What is the Owner's Address?

    11. What is the Recipient's Address?

    P. Agreement.

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