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Offer to Purchase a Real Estate Property

Designed for Real Estate, Legal, and Sales

Created by Alex Romera on Parallel

Example of question you will find in this template.

This template includes

  • 37 question fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Possibility to enable eSignature
  • Personalized message

About this template

Are you looking to buy a property? Would you like to create a binding  offer to purchase in an easier and more comfortable way for everyone included? If yes, this template is for you! With Parallel, you can automate the creation of an offer to purchase form.


It is very valuable to create and sign this document as fast as you can to move forward with the other processes required to purchase a property.


What is an Offer to Purchase real estate form? This is a contract that establishes the intent for purchasing a property, it acts similarly to a letter of intent.


In this template you will have to complete, among others:

  • Seller/Buyer Identification 

  • Offer amount

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Acceptance\Counter\Rejection


This template is a generic example, and you can try it with your company. However, it can also be very easily modified to adjust to your agency's conditions. 


Finally, to sign the contract, once all the data has been completed, activate the electronic signature. Read more about our e-signature integration here


Please note that, there are fields to complete the information but once completed it will be fully integrated into the text and in PDF.

Information list

    A. Offer to purchase real estate

    1. Buyer's Name:

    2. Seller's Name:

    B. Backround

    C. I. Real Property

    3. Legal Description of the property:

    D. II. Sales Price

    4. What is the total purchase price offered by the Buyer?

    5. What amount is accompanying this offer as initial earnest money deposit?

    6. When will the initial earnest money deposit be paid?

    7. Who will held the initial earnest money deposit (in escrow)?

    E. III. Return of deposit

    F. IV. Closing and Possesion

    8. When will the closing be?

    G. V. Notices

    9. Buyer's Email:

    10. Buyer's Address:

    11. Buyer's phone number:

    12. Seller's Email:

    13. Seller's Address:

    14. Seller's phone number:

    H. VI. Severability

    I. VII. Interpretation

    J. VIII. Time of Essence


    15. Date in which the offer will no longer be valid?

    L. Buyer Information

    16. What is the buyer's social security number?

    17. What is the buyer's email?

    18. Seller's Acceptance/Counteroffer/Rejection


    N. Acceptance of offer to purchase:

    O. Counteroffer:

    P. Rejection:

    19. Fixtures and improvements located on the Property (Clause I)

    20. Modifications in relation to the Seller's Counter Offer

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