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Buyer Agency Agreement for the purchase of a real estate property

Designed for Real Estate, Legal, and Sales

Created by Alex Romera on Parallel

Example of question you will find in this template.

This template includes

  • 60 question fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Possibility to enable eSignature
  • Personalized message

About this template

Are you a real estate broker? Would you like to make signing a buyer-agency agreement easier and more comfortable for your clients? If yes, then this template is for you! With Parallel, you can automate the creation of a real estate buyer-agency agreement. 

You know it is essential to create and sign this document as fast as you can to move forward with the real estate purchase. It is the first step in a system of multiple contracts and documents that will get you to work! 

This buyer’s agency agreement, between a home buyer and a real estate agent, defines how the two agree to work together, and it covers the following: 

  • Buyer Identification 

  • Exclusivity/Or Not 

  • Period of agreement 

  • Compensation 

  • Financial Records 

This template is a generic example, and you can try it with your company. However, it can also be very easily modified to adjust to your agency's conditions. 


Finally, to sign the contract, once all the data has been completed, activate the electronic signature. Read more about our e-signature integration here

Please note that, there are fields to complete the information but once completed it will be fully integrated into the text and in PDF. 

Information list


    B. I. The Parties.


    1. This buyer agreement was made on:

    D. Buyer:

    E. Agency:

    2. Buyer Name:

    3. Mailing address of the Buyer:

    4. Broker Name:

    5. Name of Agency:

    6. Mailing address of Agency:

    F. II. Services Provided.

    7. Buyer hereby agrees to hire the Agency on a(n):

    G. Exclusive Basis.

    H. Non-Exclusive Basis.

    I. III. Period of Agreement.

    J. This Agreement shall start on

    8. This agreement shall start on:

    9. This agreement shall end on:

    10. Commission shall be due within:

    K. Listing Period Extension

    L. IV. Compensation.

    11. (Listed Property) The commission due to the agency of the purchase price:

    M. a) Listed Property.

    12. (Unlisted Property) The commission due to the agency of the purchase price:

    N. b) Unlisted Property.

    13. c) Retainer Fee. This Agreement shall have:

    14. The retainer fee amount is:

    15. Percentage of the total rent amount that the agency shall be due if they find a landlord willing to rent the real property to a buyer

    O. d) Leasing:

    P. V. Buyer’s Identity.

    16. The Buyer agrees and directs the Broker to:

    Q. Disclosure

    R. Not disclosure

    S. VI. Agency Disclosure.

    T. VII. Disclosed Dual Agency.

    17. Therefore, the Buyer hereby agrees to either ALLOW Disclosed Dual Agency or NOT to ALLOW Disclosed Dual Agency.

    U. VIII. Buyer’s Duties.

    V. Financial Records.

    W. Contact with 3rd Parties.

    X. Exclusive Responsibility.

    Y. IX. Disclaimer.

    Z. X. Dispute Resolution.

    AA. XI. Fair Housing.

    AB. XII. Other Clients.

    AC. XIII. Binding Effect.

    AD. XIV. False Information.

    AE. XV. Legal Signature.

    AF. XVI. Governing Law.

    AG. XVII. Severability.

    AH. XVIII. Entire Agreement.

    18. Are there any Additional Terms and Conditions?

    19. Additional Terms and Conditions

    AI. XIX. Additional Terms and Conditions

    AJ. This Agreement is intended to be the legal and binding agreement of the Buyer and Broker. The Parties acknowledge receipt of a signed copy of this Agreement.

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