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Company expense reimbursement form

Designed for Finance, Administration, and Procurement

Created by Alex Romera on Parallel

Example of question you will find in this template.

This template includes

  • 12 question fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Possibility to enable eSignature
  • Personalized message

About this template

🔎 💸 Do you want to have more control over your employees' expenses?  🧾 With this template your employees can easily and quickly record the business expenses they have incurred, standardizing the monitoring criteria and facilitating the process of reimbursement.

It is essential for the accounting department of a company to have all this information, to be able to review it easily, and to proceed to the reimbursement of the appropriate expenses. This template facilitates the task, collecting the necessary data to manage everything as quickly as possible 🚀.

Also, since most of the time you can't know if an employee has incurred an expense until they report it to you, you can create a public link in this template. This way, any employee who has incurred a business expense can register it on its own.

This template is generic for any type of company, but you can modify it to suit your needs and those of your company.

Information list

    A. Expense reimbursement form

    1. First Name:

    2. Surname/s:

    3. Department you work in

    4. Please, specify the department or position:

    5. Brief description of the expense to be reimbursed:

    6. Amount (in €) to be reimbursed:

    7. Has the payment been made in cash?

    8. With what card was the payment made?

    9. Corporate Card Number:

    10. Personal Card Number:

    11. Expenditure supporting documents:

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