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Financial KPIs Reporting

Designed for Finance, Operations, and General Management

Created by Alex Romera on Parallel

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About this template

Are you the CEO or CFO of a company? Do you belong to a board of directors? With this template you can automate the simultaneous collection of the main economic-financial indicators of a company, in a quick and agile way, without meetings or email chains.

Having to request data from the different departments of your company  can be a headache. This template allows the heads of different departments to simultaneously complete the data of their corresponding economic-financial KPIs.

As a result, you will speed up the process and provide executives, managers or members of the board of directors with more immediate access to the main business performance indicators on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.).  

This template contains a checklist with financial ratios of liquidity, management or activity, leverage and profitability.

If you want to add or omit any of these indicators, you can edit the template to better adapt it to the financial information of most interest to your company.

In addition, you can create a public link to this template so that the different departments can provide the information on a regular basis without having to ask for it, they will simply access the link and fill in the relevant information, initiating the process when they need it.

Information list

    A. Financial KPIs reporting

    1. Name of the company

    2. Start date of the reporting period

    3. Final date of the reporting period

    B. Financial KPIs

    4. Operating Cash Flow (OCF)

    5. Liquidity Ratio

    6. ACID Test Ratio

    7. Treasury Cash Ratio

    8. Availability Ratio

    9. Net Profit Margin

    10. Gross Profit Margin

    11. Working Capital Ratio

    12. Accounts Receivable Turnover

    13. Average Collection Period

    14. Average Payment Period to Suppliers

    15. Inventory Turnover

    16. Total Asset Turnover

    17. Fixed Asset Turnover

    18. Sales (in aggregate terms)

    19. Costs (in aggregate terms)

    20. Evolution of Sales (%)

    21. Costs of Sales (%)

    22. Operating or Leverage Exploitation

    23. Return on Capital

    24. Return on Equity

    25. The Profitability of Sales

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