All your legal operations in one place

Get the most out of your legal data by creating customized databases

Juggling multiple tools is very difficult

You have everything in a single platform
Create flexible and quick-access legal databases.
Set up alerts for deadline reviews.
Configure your team's accesses to sensitive information.

Designed for your team

Without the complexity of a CRM or the chaos of an Excel


Access to your active and expired contracts, taking actions on them.


Manage your KYC and KYB processes and create expiration and review alerts.

What profiles can I create?

Profiles is 100% flexible
Legal entities
Whatever you need

Exciting success stories

Brickbro saves 3 hours in every transaction
"Now the whole process is streamlined. When we sales reps get the customer's data, we are no longer dependent on the legal department."
Félix Muñoz
Account Manager at Brickbro
Cuatrecasas saves 40% in onboarding KYC time
"Life before Parallel was a series of uncoordinated and not visible generic KYC checklists and scattered documents. Now everything is organized and super easy to manage. And clients have told me they love it too!"
Mireia Sánchez
Executive Assistant at Cuatrecasas
GrowPro expedited visa application management for international students
Parallel has allowed us to improve internal management without losing sight of the needs of our students, substantially improving the experience when collecting all the information required by immigration and thus facilitating their visa applications.
Belén Cibeyra
Operations Analyst at GrowPro
A single person in eXp manages the contracts of more than 400 agents
"Before Parallel, I spent 30% of my time managing contracts and paperwork. Now, I only dedicate 5% of my time to this type of task, leaving me more time to focus on providing clients with great service."
Pablo Getino
Real estate agent at eXp Spain

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