How GLTH scaled its legal tech community with an integrated onboarding

GLTH is a non-profit organization that connects the legal tech community to foster innovation and digital transformation in the legal sector. They needed to streamline their onboarding process for new partners, which was manual and inefficient.

They used Parallel, a solution that helps them have more control over their onboardings and seamlessly integrates with their tools. With this collaboration, GLTH plans to achieve their goal of more than 400 members by the end of 2023.

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Meet Global LegalTech Hub

Global LegalTech Hub (GLTH) is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together all the different active members in the legal tech community –professionals, startups, companies, institutions, and the academic world– to write the future of a new legal sector, driven by technological innovation.

Created in 2020, GLTH has become the first global gathering of companies and institutions in the European legal tech sector. With its current focus on international expansion, it already has more than 300 players and spearheads notable initiatives like the Global LegalTech Day.

The challenge: Make it easier for new partners to join the mission

The Global LegalTech Hub was created to address the need for technological change in the legal sector. It serves as a central meeting point to facilitate this change.

“Can you imagine being able to be part of a legal tech hub that offers you access to a network of professionals, resources, events, and business opportunities? That is what GLTH offers.” – Albert Ferré, CEO.

Things took off quickly. There was a huge demand for a space like this in the industry. In just 100 days, GLTH already had over 70 associates from all 5 continents.

“It was overwhelming, we started to onboard partners as best we could.” – Albert Ferré, CEO.

To join this hub, partners first had to go through an onboarding process that could be tedious, slow, and frustrating.

GLTH started using Typeform to collect information from potential hub members. Although the form was quite simple, it was not designed with the advice of onboarding experts and had various issues. For example, if an interested party left the form halfway, they had to start the process all over again from the beginning. Moreover, GLTH had no way of knowing who those interested parties were or of providing them with personalized follow-up. Afterward, they had to jump within multiple tools to monitor every process.

All requests had to be presented to the board of partners for approval, which required manual work by the administrative team of GLTH. If the request was approved, there was still the issue of payment, which was not integrated with the onboarding process either.

The onboarding process was inefficient, unattractive, and difficult to manage. As a result, GLTH missed out on potential partners and could not provide them with a positive first contact experience.

With the resources GLTH has, they could not afford to waste time and money on administrative procedures since it does not add value to their community, it only adds friction.

Luckily, GLTH was surrounded by the perfect legal tech environment to improve this process.

The solution: A streamlined onboarding for new hub partners

Helping others and adding value to the legal tech community are also two of the core values of Parallel and its employees. So, when GLTH reached out in need of an onboarding management system integrated with Pipedrive–their CRM– to manage hundreds of partner applications, Parallel team was happy to assist with their expertise.

After a drawing and analysis of GLTH's onboarding process, the Customer Success team with Albert detected the process bottlenecks.

“I really appreciated that Parallel not only helped me with what they could solve, but they also analyzed the onboarding process comprehensively. They didn’t hesitate to recommend other tools and advice based on their market observations.” – Albert Ferré, CEO.

At this point, Oriol Miralbell, CEO and Co-Founder of Legal Pigeon, joined the team to lead GLTH's Operations area to optimize internal processes and make partner collaboration more efficient.

The Customer Success team quickly moved the process from Typeform to Parallel. Once everything was on point, Parallel worked with Oriol on the integrations with Pipedrive to make the whole onboarding process as streamlined as possible.

Thanks to the granularity of the Parallel API and using no-code tools such as Zapier, it was possible to integrate into the CRM flow seamlessly. This allowed the two tools to communicate effectively, preventing any interruptions in the process.

In no time, the process was up and running.

“We migrated the process non-stop, with all processes running, in a very short time and without losing any leads.” – Albert Ferré, CEO.

The benefit: A scalable and unstoppable initiative

With Parallel, GLTH has achieved a frictionless and effective onboarding process that has improved its conversion rate and internal efficiency.

Some of the benefits they have obtained are:

  • Ease of integration with any other tool.
  • Personalized follow-ups to those interested parties who have started the onboarding process at some point, increasing the conversion rate.
  • Dashboard of the onboardings started, in progress, and completed that facilitates management, allows GLTH to obtain an overview, and improves internal efficiency.
  • Useful reports and metrics that allow for easily iterating the process when a bottleneck of friction is detected.
  • Commodity in reviewing applicants’ files for approval by the board.
  • More secure information.
“Moreover, the support of the Parallel team during the integration and first trials with the platform was excellent. Knowing that they will be helping all along the way it was also one of the factors that made us choose Parallel and that nowadays we still appreciate the most. They are resolutive, proactive in the implementation of process improvements and very helpful.” – Oriol Miralbell, Operations.

Thanks to Parallel, GLTH is closer to its goal: 100% automatic administrative processes.

GLTH has already more than 300 partners and plans to achieve its goal of 400 members by the end of 2023. To reach their goal, they will rely on Parallel for the most key task, gathering all the information to make onboarding possible and managing applicants’ expectations.

Let’s make the legal tech movement greater together!

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